5 Common Myths about Retreads:

1st Myth: Retreads become Road Gators:

Three different studies commissioned by industry stakeholders over the last three decades have found that this is NOT TRUE. In the studies Universities sent college kids out to pick up all the pieces of blown tire from off the side of the highway. In each study they found that most of the disintegrated tires were original-type and never retreaded.

What destroys tires and causes them to disintegrate is being ran underinflated. As the students from the Universities found this is as likely to happen to an original tire as it is to a retread.

2nd Myth: Retreads do not last as long:

State of the art compounding and curing processes in Bandag tread result in a tire that will wear with the best of them in most cases. In certain instances, (Cough – Michelin), the new tires are incredibly long lasting.

3rd Myth: Retreads are for people that cannot afford new:

Although a retreading program costs less at initial purchase and in the longer run, they’re not for people on tight budgets only – If you put 10 of the world’s largest private fleets on a list you’d have a list of 10 fleets with aggressive retreading programs. In fact, there are more retreads on medium sized trucks on the road than any other kind of new tire.

4th Myth: Retreads are not reliable:

Shops like ours have been continually serving our community for 50 years. If we were selling wooden nickels, we’d have been run out of town a long time ago!

5th Myth: Retreading is when you take a junk tire and make it a Retread:

The retread shop inspection rejected ordered tires at a rate of 13.4% in 2020. This is after consultants did a pre-sort on customer casings. Each casing undergoes a patented 7 step process of inspection before it is remanufactured. The 7-step process assures that every square inch of the tire inside and out is looked at under 1500 lumens super bright led light. If it survives the first seven steps, then it is run through a machine that uses negative pressure, cameras, lasers, and a data processor to assess the integrity of the casing. Retreading is not making something out of junk, it keeps a truck owner from throwing away sunk cost.

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