Low Profile 24.5 Traction

Ask Victor or Trey about our XX LP24.5 D4300’s. If your truck has worn out tires sized 285/75r24.5, or 275/80r24.5, these retreads will get you treaded up and back on the road. Bandag’s D4300 is a symmetric open shoulder two rib deep lug that reminds us of the legendary Michelin XDHT. The aggressive tread-wide lugs prevent spin chewing. The genius of the design that is borrowed from Michelin is that the lugs are laid semi-diagonally. This layout combats heel-toe wear and makes this tread a performer on the highway over the road as well. All our McCoy Bandag Retreads are produced to exacting standards by expert technicians using state of the art inspection technology guaranteeing a level of safety and reliability second to not even Tier 1 new tires. Unless you have money to waste, if your truck needs to replace its 285/75r24.5’s, or 275/80r24.5’s, these XX LP24.5 D4300’s are the best option. You can double down on your smart savings in your pocket by filling one axle with these XX and have us retread and hold your takeoffs until the next axle is worn out. Then at the service interval after next you will be enjoying even greater savings than next. Call (209) 521-6221 and ask for Victor or Trey to verify availability today!

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