Why Retread?

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Everybody’s doing it There are more retreads on full and medium sized trucks on the road today than “new” tires. Although retreading is not nearly as prevalent in light truck and passenger tires as it used to be, major operators of light trucks in final-mile package delivery are also huge retreaders. School districts, fire departments,

Stockton Retread Division – Now Hiring

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As “Going Green” becomes more and more in vogue with major movers of goods in the world today, McCoy looks to bolster retread production at its Stockton Facility. Stockton Retread Facility sits just off the Crosstown at 1537 E. Market St in Stockton California. The 3/4-acre lot uses 15,000 square feet under-roof to retread about

Signature Series

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In McCoy Truck Tire Service Center Inc.’s Bandag retread shop, signing one’s work is an everyday thing. The initial inspector marks his initials in white paint stick in the center of the liner inside the tire. The initials define his starting point for a patented process that covers every square inch of the inside and

Congratulations Jeremy!

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Congratulations Jeremy Solorio on successfully completing Bridgestone Commercial Solutions’ Retreading Technician Certification! Jeremy spent a week at Bridgestone Bandag Retread Training Center in La Vergne Tennessee. He did written tests on the retreading process, classroom training, as well as skills demonstrations in an on-site turn-key retread shop at the Training Center. One of the most

Retread Tire Workshop

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CalRecycle invited yours truly to participate in a panel on Retreading at the California EPA Headquarters in Sacramento yesterday, Wednesday the 18th of December 2019. The panel had about 20 attendees in the Sierra Room of the building and there were another 80 to 100 attendees over the live webcast of the panel. Other retread

The Mobility Ability

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At the ready for our two service dispatchers, based out of French Camp and Modesto are 8 manned and fully equipped mobile tire servicing units. The trucks are available for off-road, scheduled preventive maintenance, and emergency roadside service. They do flat repairs, tire installs, or, they can single-out duals or bring a new wheel. The

Fighting Run Flats

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There is an amount of flexing that is expected and completely healthy for a truck tire to do. Although this High Flex Zone may limit the truck tire’s repair-ability, it doesn’t make the tire unsafe to repair or retread and reuse. As air pressure decreases however, the flexing in the sidewalls increases. Increase in load

High Flex Zone

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Truck tires are tough. Inside a properly working truck tire is compressed air. Compressed air is measured in PSI, which stands for pounds per square inch. One square inch of the inside of a truck tire is being pushed by the compressed air in the tire with a force equal to 100 pounds. The compressed

Push (Don’t Pull)

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Around a tire retreading commercial tire dealership there’s plenty of work being done. We keep thousands of tires moving around and going to their correct places. We load retread shops, warehouses, trucks, trailers, bins, and pickup trucks with the 100lb. donuts every day. When we’ve got to go vertical, and improve the carrying capacity of