Rubber and Steel

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Around the 1740’s, English clergyman, political theorist, and physical scientist Joseph Priestly observed how well samples of Hevea sap collected by natives in the New World rubbed pencil marks off paper. The pencil mark “rubber” had been being used by the Natives to make various products: shoes, coats, balls for games, and bottles, hundreds of

Insidious Irregular Wear

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In the March article readers were asked to answer a question: “If a regular 22.5 and a low profile 22.5 were bolted together on a dual assembly, which would wear out faster?” If the number of responses to the email, “” indicate the magnitude of the blog’s following, it’s time for your author to dance

Bandag BDR-High Grip

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Bandag BDR-HG’s big deep lug blocks feature siping and premium rubber compounding. These mold elements and state-of-the-art materials allow this open-shoulder drive to deliver the highest performance. Big truck operators use open-shoulder tread designs when they need traction on loose surfaces like dirt, mud, sand, or snow. Most open-shoulder tread designs combine voids in the

Why Retread?

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Everybody’s doing it There are more retreads on full and medium sized trucks on the road today than “new” tires. Although retreading is not nearly as prevalent in light truck and passenger tires as it used to be, major operators of light trucks in final-mile package delivery are also huge retreaders. School districts, fire departments,

Stockton Retread Division – Now Hiring

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As “Going Green” becomes more and more in vogue with major movers of goods in the world today, McCoy looks to bolster retread production at its Stockton Facility. Stockton Retread Facility sits just off the Crosstown at 1537 E. Market St in Stockton California. The 3/4-acre lot uses 15,000 square feet under-roof to retread about

Signature Series

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In McCoy Truck Tire Service Center Inc.’s Bandag retread shop, signing one’s work is an everyday thing. The initial inspector marks his initials in white paint stick in the center of the liner inside the tire. The initials define his starting point for a patented process that covers every square inch of the inside and

Congratulations Jeremy!

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Congratulations Jeremy Solorio on successfully completing Bridgestone Commercial Solutions’ Retreading Technician Certification! Jeremy spent a week at Bridgestone Bandag Retread Training Center in La Vergne Tennessee. He did written tests on the retreading process, classroom training, as well as skills demonstrations in an on-site turn-key retread shop at the Training Center. One of the most