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Our Founders

The “Truck Shop” was founded by John McCoy in 1968. He hired his son-in-law James H. Barnick to help
him sell and service local businesses out of a recently purchased used truck dealership on Lone Palm
Avenue in Modesto California.

The Team

Revolutionary Design

Three years later in 1971 Roy Carver of Bandag convinced John to franchise in “pre-cure” retreading.
Bandag’s technology was a revolutionary innovation in the retreading process that opposed the “hot
capping” technique that most shops had been using since WWII. Rather than taking the form of a mold
at the retread shop, Bandag sold the retreader previously cured tread in rolls that the retreader unrolled
onto a prepared casing. One advantage to precured tread remains even today; Because of the way that
the tread roll, or “stick”, is molded at the Bandag factory, a great deal more pressure is used to mold the
tread making the tread extremely dense, durable, and tough.

Bandag Plaque
Bandag Tires Logo

Our Success

In 1997 James H Barnick hired his son-in-law Marc W. Finnegan to help him work and run the truck shop.
At about that time McCoy’s made a commitment to Ryder Transportation to become a Total Tire
Management Dealer, a commitment that the global transportation solution provider has found
worthwhile even today and it is a commitment that we here at McCoy fulfill with pride.

Being Ryder’s retreader required greater capacity and Jim and family decided to make a few large
strategic investments. An opportunity to purchase JP Donaldson’s Bandag Franchise on South Highway
99 in Stockton arose and seizing this opportunity allowed McCoy’s an ability to reconfigure the
operation in Modesto without an interruption in supply for its retreading customers. In the summer of
1997 son-in-law Marc Finnegan helped use his experience to envision an all
new facility to house the retreading operations in Modesto.

In 2004 Marc and Jim decided to open another point of sale in French Camp that afforded the company
greater access to commercial tire markets in San Joaquin County.

In 2014 another opportunity became available to McCoy’s in San Joaquin County and we purchased
Wilson Way’s retread shop in Stockton California. Rather than have the three shops, we pulled out of
frontage road and used the machinery to expand Modesto’s capacity.


Currently McCoy Truck Tire Service Center is managed by the third generation and delivers premium
new tires and retreads as far north as Redding, as far south as Bakersfield, and from the Coast to
Nevada. We are poised to retread 1,100 medium truck tires in a week before overtime and James H, like
his father-in-law, has chosen retreading over retiring.

Service Team
Baby James with Tires
JB Barnick