Back to School

McCoy’s own Michael Platt shared his perspective on the truck tire life with students at Oakdale Junior High for the third year in a row today. About forty students chose to hear out Mike in the school library during their lunch hour. The students saw sample tires that Mike had brought, including tires at various stages of the retread process. They learned about some of the specific benefits of retreading for the environment, but Mike delivered a more universal message as well; attendance is 90% of success. Mike gave the example of his own career at McCoy’s. He started as a temporary laborer over a decade ago. By showing up on time every day his managers learned that he was reliable and could be counted on. After changing thousands of grommets and loading hundreds of tires into the scrap bin, he “showed up” in another way; He explained to his managers that he was ready to take on more responsibilities. He then drove one of McCoy’s diesel 26-foot box vans delivering tires and wheels all over Northern California for several years. His record of reliable service in the route truck gave him the confidence he needed to approach the owner of the company and ask to be put in charge of the company’s largest customer. To take care of this customer, he had to attend manufacturer schools in Tennessee on retreading and commercial tires. As Mike explained to the students via his own life experience, truck tires are an opportunity to earn a living even if you do not excel at school.

Great job Mike. Thank you for planting the seeds for success in the future, and thank you to the Rams that chose to spend your lunch hour learning about a life in truck tires!

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