Minimized Lead Time, Another McCoy Advantage

Time is money, and one advantage of using McCoy as your commercial tire supplier is our on-hand inventory of new tires and the speed we can retread your casings. With thousands of new tires in inventory, and all retreads being produced in less than 7 days, we offer the best tire at the lowest real cost to you, the truck owner.

First off, we have the best tires. We only carry brands we can stand behind. What that means is we’ve been opening and closing our doors 6 days/week for 47 years on Lone Palm Ave. In that time, we’ve had to represent truck owners to new tire manufacturers – even the most reputable manufacturers – for quality. If the tire doesn’t do what we agree it should do, then we go back to the manufacturer. This is all a bunch of headaches that we do when necessary, but we’d rather avoid, and so that’s why we limit our offerings to known, established, and trustworthy brands. As far as retreading goes, and if you have an opportunity, please ask any seasoned McCoy Commercial Sales Representative to compare the frequency of manufacturing-defect on retreads to 1st Tier new tire brands.

The brands of new tires we carry have the highest price. They have the highest price to us and therefore to you. They say, “You get what you pay for” – well that’s close. If your down on account of tires and got to get back on schedule, you get whatever your tire dealer pays for. Container loads of new drive tires are rumored to be available right now to truck stops and dealerships for less than $91ea.  Are the organizations that sell these tires going to pass those savings on to you? Or, are they more likely to pocket 150$/piece while charging whatever you’ll pay? John McCoy started in tires in Modesto in the 40’s. There’s always been that high-margin-garbage option, and it’s something he never went with. It’s just not the way we do business.

If you need a reliable and safe tire that’s low price as well, we have the world’s best retreaded tire. Our retreading technicians have expertise cultivated over decades of experience in combination with the best training and inspection technology the industry has to offer. We have been proudly retreading for some local businesses for over 50 years. All repair and retreading that the shops do is warrantied free of defect.

We offer more than the best retread however, we offer the fastest retreading service as well. We can retread 1100 tires in a week before overtime. That’s a savings to Northern Californian truck owners of $39,600/week over Tier 3 new. Granted, you probably don’t need 1100 tires in one week, but if you can stagger your replacements to just 7 days apart, we can save you at least 444$/axle retreading your takeoffs as opposed to Tier 3 new, or about 300$/axle retreading your casings as opposed to Dealer Stock Lifetime Warranty casings.

When your steer tires are worn down to 4/32nds, or duals are worn down near 2/32nds, come to a dealer that’s going to have a quality tire at a fair price – come to McCoy’s. Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM in Modesto or French Camp and Saturday’s 8AM to 12PM (Modesto Only).

Thanks for reading!

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