Signature Series

In McCoy Truck Tire Service Center Inc.’s Bandag retread shop, signing one’s work is an everyday thing. The initial inspector marks his initials in white paint stick in the center of the liner inside the tire. The initials define his starting point for a patented process that covers every square inch of the inside and outside of the tire. To cover the 21 square feet of surface in a timely manner the technician’s signature handily marks the start and stop for each zone of rotation.

Not only is initialing one’s work handy for the process, it also is a way for technicians to be held accountable for the quality of their work. Both during inspection, whether initial or final, or even when installing the different sizes of puncture repairs, technicians mark their work with their initials. Should errors in inspection or in repairing occur, the team knows who needs to be retrained or have their repair or inspection process reviewed by Management or Bandag Engineering.

“Signature Series” headings on products like fine wines or guitars or speakers are all thought to add value to the finish of those items, and in the Bandag World, the value added is clear. The technician’s good name is riding on the retreaded or repaired tire. Thanks for reading!

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