Retread Tire Workshop

CalRecycle invited yours truly to participate in a panel on Retreading at the California EPA Headquarters in Sacramento yesterday, Wednesday the 18th of December 2019. The panel had about 20 attendees in the Sierra Room of the building and there were another 80 to 100 attendees over the live webcast of the panel. Other retread shops that sent representatives to the workshop were Inland, Morgan, and McCoy Industrial. Bridgestone Bandag had Greg Ortega there too.  Most panelists, with the exception of David Stephens of the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB), came planning to improvise and answer any questions that might have arisen. David provided a lot of information about the environmental benefits of retreading and his talk was accompanied by a nice Power Point Presentation.

It became evident to me that there’s way too much good stuff about retreading in the world today to squeeze into the time allowed in the Sierra Room that day, and so with my chance to speak I promised the world an electronic copy of “Retread Tires”. Attached you’ll find a PDF of a synopsis of an an extensive academic study of the environmental and economic impact of retreading in the US and Canada commissioned by various large tread rubber and retread manufacturers. Please study this short PDF, it is important information,

Thank you,

James J Barnick

Retread Tires in the US and Canada

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