Earthday 2019

Modesto hosted its 31st “Earthday in the Park” last Saturday. McCoy was there, enjoying the weather and telling passers by about commercial tire retreading. This was our 2nd year in a row participating in the event.

This year our booth featured an all-new tire rack. Last year we learned that the tire stands we usually use to show tires off were less than optimal for Earthday in the park. The manufacturer-made tire stands that we stand tires in for most events are made of steel that bends and pinches the tire as the tire’s weight is set on the center joint.  At Earthday, we display tires in the grass, and manufacturer-made steel stands are inadequate. Some young visitors to the booth climb on and in and around the tires. The soft soil that grows lush green grass is just not a good enough counter presence for the steel-wire stands. The retread shop had been refusing to throw away some old redwood 2*12 boards. Bandag incentivizes its dealers to keep their tread organized in such a manner that a racking system the boards were in was no longer useful. Although the tread racks were no longer necessary, new tire racks for Earthday were. What better kind of material to build an Earthday display out of than reused and re-purposed? Building the new tire rack took about a day.

This year the McCoy booth ditched its Easy-Up as well. Without the Easy-Up, the large banner-mount that was made for last year’s event was moved from the front to the rear of our allotted space. Now that it was a back drop we were able to hang a “McCoy Truck Tire Service Center Inc.” banner and a “Bandag, Built for Better” banner underneath the banner that was made just for Earthday last year.

yours truly, posing with the booth after it was finally set up

The heart of 2019’s booth was essentially the same as 2018’s; four truck tires that exemplified the retreading process. As a visitor would approach the display, they would see the worn tire on the left, to the right was a buffed tire, then an extruded tire, then a finished retread.

Visitors were more propagandized this year than last as well. People that even looked in our direction were engaged with a question:

“How much do you think this tire weighs?”

By the end of Modesto Earthday in the Park 2019 well over a dozen people learned the story of retreading and what they can do to help McCoy win wheel positions.

Thank you for reading and thank you for visiting!

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