Bandag Ecopia

Drive-in customers can save $36/wheel position going with a premium Bandag Ecopia and Dealer Stock Casing over the lowest price tier 3 new tire.

Even though the initial price is lower, the real cost advantage of the Bandag plays out in the longer run. The materials science engineered into the Ecopia is put there by demand of the world’s largest owners of trucks, that, by the way, all run retreads. The fuel and cost/mile-wear savings these products create are real and demonstrated and proven by page after page of records.

Two common misconceptions that keep independents and new comers from retreading are that retreads are not as reliable, and they do not wear as far. McCoy has been retreading for some accounts longer than it’s had Bandag, over 47 years. Branded into the side of any retread with a hot branding iron is the retread DOT.

McCoy’s MCY and WDY have been supplying low-cost tire solutions to some local businesses for over 47 continuous years. The next time you have a chance, ask anyone who’s been around tires anywhere if any other brand, new or retread, has earned that kind of brand-loyalty from a customer.

McCoy Bandag Dealer Stock Casings are warrantied free of defect for the life of the tread. You can visit a web page Bridgestone made to help calculate possible cost advantage with the Ecopia line of products here;

When it comes to fuel, Bandag Ecopia is the hyper-miler. Shell’s “Starship Truck”

Recently set a new world record for ton*miles delivered/gallon (2.5 times average). The rig was outfitted with state-of-the-art lubricants, custom aero-dynamics, and Bandag Ecopia on 4 out of 5 axles. On the steers were Bridgestones.

The world’s smartest truck owners keep coming back to Bandag and to McCoy Bandag. You work too hard to make a dollar to waste it, go with McCoy Bandag. If you’re still not convinced, the next time you’re here, tell somebody to take you on a retread shop tour, they’ll be happy to show you how we’ve been making a living saving truck owners money for decades.

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