Earthday 2018

McCoy Truck Tire Service Center Inc. had a great time at Modesto’s 31st annual Earthday in the Park Celebration. We seized the opportunity to inform the public about the benefits of Retreading to reduce waste and reuse resources. About 100 visitors stopped by our booth, read our banner, and received a key chain made of recycled tires. We really enjoyed sharing our perspective on truck tires, and for those that were willing to hear us out, we regretted that the toy trucks promised over Twitter were late to arrive and not available to be handed out at the event. The Toy Trucks have now arrived however, and we look for emails daily to see if any of our booth visitors on Earthday have sought the promised toys.

Those of us who participated in the event had such a great time, that we’re presently searching for more opportunities to hip the public to the benefits of retreading for the planet. If you have any opportunities for McCoy’s to educate general consumers about the benefits of retreading and what they can do to reduce and reuse do not hesitate to send us an email at Thank you for reading.

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